Because of some reasons, I finally divide to restall Ubuntu 8.10 , but my CD-rom  does not work just the moment. So, I have to "Intall Ubuntu 8.10 in Ubuntu 8.10 from iso in disk" . But, there is a problem when the Intaller asks us to part the disk. Em,  then I find something helpful here :

It says, that is suit to __alternate __iso, but I also achieve with desktop iso.

Now, the installer is running, and I can sail on the web, the ubuntu live cd is magical, isn't it ?

Some pictures druing installing:



Why I speak in English now is that I can't type in Chinese, but it doesn't matter, though my English is poor.

To be continued ...

-------11月17日 18:35 更新-------

请注意第一张截图,我没有挂载 swap 分区,只是顺手给格式化了。因为我的 iso 文件就是放在这个分区里的,在重新安装之前我把这个区格式化为 fat32 了,当然其他格式比如 ext3 也可以。当从硬盘启动 livecd 之后,要把挂载 iso 的区给卸了,正如上面给出的链接上的页面所说,如果不卸载这个区,会出现安装到分区过程时显示空白的问题。

那么,安装之后,进入新的系统,做些必要的操作比如修改源、更新之类的事之后,就可以参考 这篇文章 来搞定 Swap 分区。

呃,我现在使用起来很爽,之前的系统因为一再升级,累计的毛病我都懒得去弄,嘿嘿,都是自己胡乱搞东西的后遗症。把 /home 挂载到单独的分区真是爽哈~