A recent article, "Is the Chinese Internet Collapsing at an Accelerating Rate?", triggered attention. What's more interesting is that this article, which was first published on Media Platform of WeChat, was deleted by the platform. Some netizens lamented that “Chinese Internet” is really collapsing.

Using SvelteKit it is very easy to create web applications with SSR, but for SEO we need to add some metadata like JSON-LD to the page.This article will explain how to use JSON-LD in SvelteKit applications.

Just started the development of this site's program, I have considered the issue of page printing. Markdown to PDF has a variety of options, and the web page to PDF experience is very poor, a lot of unimportant content affects the printing results. Whether you print to paper or to PDF, the layout of the page itself is fully capable.

X user plantegg, while testing MySQL connection issues, used IP 127.1, which piqued the interest of some netizens. When I first learned of this, I also doubted the legitimacy of my computer networking course. Thus, I've compiled some obscure knowledge akin to the "four ways to write the character 'hui'." Dear readers, remember! These facts are worth remembering. They'll come in handy when you work as a network administrator and need to write rules. (Earnest face)

The recent backdoor incident on XZ has sparked a lot of discussion, and everyone is interested in the real identity of the attacker, Jia Tan. Some netizens found out that his commit message contained information about the timezone of the Eastern 8 regions, but he is not closed on holidays in China. Interestingly, he is off on holidays in Eastern Europe. The final conclusion is that he is in Eastern Europe, disguised as being from the East 8 region. This article describes some of the technical details of modifying Git commit times.

It's 2024, and forums and other alternatives for mass communication still don't work well. Everyone is complaining about the inefficiency of WeChat groups and putting up with Telegram's tens of thousands of unreads (or marveling at its smooth one-click reads); wanting to escape from fragmented social networks, but also lamenting the decline of blogs and personal websites and their fragmentation; bashing Q&A platforms for being spammy, and content-sharing platforms for being un-nutritious. In short, it's all getting worse. There's often a nostalgia argument that harkens back to the vibe among the elite cliques of seed users in the early days of the product.

Adaptation is not copying

Review 3 Body Problem Season 1

In the first episode, the "king of bombs" was hit - Tencent's version of the Three Bodies of the unfilmed scene of the Cultural Revolution criticism. From the slogans on the scene and the layout of the scene, the whole clip seems to exude a flavor of AI, just like AI writing poems and making paintings, it looks very much like it at a glance, but it can't withstand the fine-tuning.

For a while now, my self-hosted Forgejo has been failing to pull and push via ssh. It's always working, and then something goes wrong, so I have to switch to a different IP, and it's immediately fine. Even if I ignored it, it would occasionally work for some reason, but often not on the few networks I use to work on. Eventually, I resolved to fix this problem once and for all.

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