In the first episode, the "king of bombs" was hit - Tencent's version of the Three Bodies of the unfilmed scene of the Cultural Revolution criticism. From the slogans on the scene and the layout of the scene, the whole clip seems to exude a flavor of AI, just like AI writing poems and making paintings, it looks very much like it at a glance, but it can't withstand the fine-tuning.

However, "yes" is always better than "no". Ye Wenjie is not a refined Wang Ziwen, but more real, and finally has a believable motivation to push the button.

WARNING The following contains serious spoilers!

Ye Wenjie's young and old actors look pretty much alike, including three generations of mothers and daughters. Although, as everyone has commented, it doesn't have Chen Zhuan's "I've sold my balls, who else!" aura, but thanks to a lot of drama before and after, the characters are also well portrayed. Da Shi's portrayal is also a lot browner and closer to the original than Yu Hewei's.

Some Setups

In contrast, the Tencent version is a bit less imaginative - using high-end looking VR equipment, but nowhere near the polished stainless steel pants from Netflix's Three Bodies. Portable high-power, low-power brain-computer interface computer, full of alien technology. Comes with a network module that sends sensory signals directly to the nervous system, including taste and smell. Future food bloggers are blessed, the audience can finally smell the flavor. At the same time, the game content looks like it has been choreographed by a professional game planner, so it finally looks like a game. ChatGPT has been laying the groundwork for more than a year, so it's not unusual for NPCs in adventure games to speak to people, but more believable.

The modern story setting's changed drastically, all of a sudden focused on London, the stage became internationalized, everyone has studied abroad, immigrants, permanent residents, the people who decide the fate of the earth is the small circle of those few people. Luo Ji became a black man, as Yang Dong's classmate, deserved to appear in the circle, but also the earliest appearance. Wang Miao became a woman, and quite pretty. The specific plot has also been greatly adjusted, and also very interesting.

Wang Miao's role

In the original 3 body, Wang Miao is just a quarter thrown tool man, research nanotechnology, involved in the 3 body game, and finally nanosilk cut potato chips, nanopillars to make stairs. So the Tencent version of 3 Body added a lot of drama to Wang Miao, such as family life, to flesh out the character.

Netflix's adaptation is very good, since Cheng Xin has already appeared, let her take over the game of the scene is very reasonable, the character has a growth process, the saint is not made in a day. So Netflix's Cheng Xin might not be so annoying in the future. After all, from the beginning of the Trinity game to the universe reboot, Cheng Xin is a proper big heroine. But that's a little less ironic than the original.

It also brings up a new question, what's the follow-up for Wang Miao without her game scenes? After all, Yun Tianming's rich classmates have a lot of drama, but also mixed with a heroic death, Wang Miao is not so bad that there is no drama behind it. With nuclear bombs to blow up Yun Tianming's brain, or need Wang Miao's nanofan, she worked with Cheng Xin, Wade. So the subsequent scenes of Ai AA might be owned by Wang Miao. In that case, Yun Tian Ming and Wang Miao spent a happy life and started a civilization. What about Cheng Xin who ended up with, could it be the current navy boyfriend returning to work?

Cut a lot of branch lines

Ye Wenxue's character was cut. Yang Dong is not surnamed Yang anymore, the biological father changed to Evans; Yang Weidong repeatedly have ambiguous look to Ye Wenjie, but did not table with Ye Wenjie's follow-up, as well as the character ending. Lei Zhicheng facialization, far less than the Tencent version. Shen Yufei and the other vote with the nuclear bomb girl and the wall-breaker all merge into one person. Da Shi works directly and closely with Wade. Cut out Chang Weisi. Da Shi's son replaces a bunch of flatulent green roles. Ye Wenjie was eventually assassinated by the ETO. Wall Breaker has one fewer number of people, but adds a Chinese general (is it Chang Weisi?) etc.

This does make the plot tighter and more coherent, with fewer characters, saving a lot of actors, and making it easier for the audience to understand the plot. But the originals are going to curse, but since there's a Tencent version, that's enough for the originals. Netflix simply let it fly.

A lot of changes

To be fair, most of these changes are acceptable. For example, the microwave background radiation has been changed to a proton spread that obscures visible light and causes the stars to twinkle, but there is a lot less of the original point of view, and a lot less of the original flavor of Liu. Part of the changes are market needs, such as the first emperor of Qin Shi Huang, who is engaged in human columns of computers, was changed to Genghis Khan. There are also a few changes that could have been changed but didn't need to be, such as Luo Ji becoming a black man; Ye Wenjie's kissing scene with Bai Mulin and Evans, etc. There were times when the scene switched to Cheng Xin and in a trance I thought she was played by June Liu.

Ye Wenjie meets Luo after the big picture has been settled, and surprisingly, she only tells a lame joke and doesn't have any direct clues that can be deduced to the sociology of the universe. Da Shi just mumbles a few words over a field full of flying locusts and leaves.

Overall Viewing

The characters' occasional slightly too much dialog always reminds me of the sci-fi show Roswell, where the characters have to explore life's pain literature for ten minutes once they meet privately in pairs. It's all been changed to this, just go straight to the special effects after the plot is delivered, and cut out the emotional lines.

Panama is average, and the special effects are a few cents stronger. Compared to that, its fulfillment of expectations is not as good as the game part.

Adaptation is adaptation, adaptation is not copying, once you accept the changes, then you can look forward to the second part. In can Netflix, out can Tencent, fans be content. There's both a Netflix version and a Tencent version, so fans be content.